Bactrian Camels


You might remember seeing these friendly guys off of on I-94 on your drive to work or school, but now the Bactrian Camels at the Red River Zoo are settling in their new exhibit that was funded by the Fargo West Rotary. The camels were moved to a bigger grass and sand area that has a pond for them to soak in. Bactrian Camels are unique because of their two humps, when most camels only have one. They originate from East Asia’s rocky deserts, but they like living in Fargo because they’re built for extreme temperatures. In the desert, the temperature ranged from 100ºF to -20ºF. They can go long periods of time without water because they store it in their humps. When they do drink, they soak it up like a sponge. A camel can drink 30 gallons of water in 13 minutes! 

These camels are rare and endangered. There are less than 1000 left in world today, so stop in and pay these guys a visit!


One thought on “Bactrian Camels

  1. Mary Jayne says:

    When I lived there I loved seeing them on 94, but I’m more glad that they have a nicer place to call home than what they did before.

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