Name Chosen for Red Panda Cub


This fall, the Red River Zoo offered anyone in the community a chance to be part of naming their new addition; a red panda cub. On Monday, the Zoo announced that the cute little guy’s name was Taiji (Tie-Jee), which means “birthmark” in Chinese. Amanda Saul came up with this creative name. The Zoo says, “We thought it was perfect considering the little black spot on his muzzle.”

The cub was born last May to the proud panda parents, Yukiko and Shantou, who were brought to the Zoo five years ago all the way from Japan. Taiji spent most of the past few months resting up, but now he is ready to see the world!

As a way to celebrate his debut, the Zoo extended the opportunity for anyone in the community to name the cub. The criteria for the contest were that all entries had to include a brief essay explaining why the person thinks the name they chose would be ideal for the cub, and the name had to relate to the habitat of red pandas. A total of 28 essays were submitted.

Head on over to the Zoo today to say hello to Taiji!


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