Community Day Sale 2012

Do you love shopping, your community, and supporting the Red River Zoo?

You are in luck!

The Community Days Sale 2012 will be this Friday and Saturday (November 9-10). If you purchase a coupon book for $5, all the proceeds go to the Red River Zoo. Plus, by purchasing this little book, you could potentially gain $400 in coupon savings. Look at it this way, if you buy this book, which includes a $10-off coupon for anything in the stores, you automatically are $5 ahead. If you’re shopping anyway, it pays for itself!

Stores that accept these coupons are: Herberger’s, Younkers, P-A-R-I-S-I-A-N, BON*TON, Bergner’s Boston Store, Carson’s, and Elder-Beerman. If you are bummed that you cant make it into the stores, don’t be! You can use your coupon online.

If you are interested in getting one of these coupon books before the big sale, you can contact the Red River Zoo, purchase one at the West Acres mall on Thursday, or you can comment on our blog and we can hook you up.

The Red River Zoo is a non-profit organization that strives for community support to spread conservation awareness. By purchasing this coupon book, you not only get great deals, but get to you help the zoo achieve their goal.



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