Welcome to the Red River Zoo, Canada Goose!

We’d like to give a big-Red-River-Zoo welcome to the newest member, a Canada Goose!Image This special goose was born with Angel Wings. It’s a disease where the flight feathers grow so fast, that the wing muscles can’t keep up and don’t develop, so flying isn’t an option.  It will be a companion to our other Canada Goose that suffers from the same condition. Many zoo visitors are concerned that the zoo staff altered the geese’s wings, but this isn’t the case. The Red River Zoo is giving these waterfowls a chance at a long and happy life; that’s something they wouldn’t have in the wild. This particular goose was found by a small-business owner in Dilworth, MN, who contacted the zoo so the Canada Goose would have a safe home.  

The picture above is an example of Angel Wings.

Come to the Red River Zoo this weekend to welcome our special friend! 

Leave some comments for the newest arrival to the zoo!


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