Our Trip to the Zoo!

Our trip the Red River Zoo

As our semester draws to a close, our minds are flooded with thoughts of papers, tests, and final projects. The three of us decided what better way to take a break and clear our heads for an hour or two by taking a stroll through the Red River Zoo!


Our friends, the wolves, greeted us with a friendly howl and ran up to the fence to say hello. We noticed how thick their coats were as they prepare for another North Dakota Winter.




The goats were especially happy to see us as they stood up against their fence to get our attention. One of them even gave us a smile… it was unexpected, but had us laughing.


Baby Taji (who’s not so little anymore), was out climbing trees with his parents, but not feeling very photogenic. He had other things on his mind instead of posing for a picture, like following his mom around.


We ended our relaxing walk through the zoo with a send-off from the peacock as he stood on top of a fence and watched us leave. Farewell friends!


If you need a brief get-a-way from the stress of finals, we recommend you take a trip to the Red River Zoo too!

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