Common Peafowls


The Red River Zoo is proud to be the home of a muster (group of peafowl) of common peafowl. If you’ve been to the Red River Zoo, you’re sure to have seen these majestic birds. They are a member of the genus Pavo, which is a part of the pheasant family. India displays the peacock as the National Bird of their nation.

Interestingly, males are called peacocks, female peahens, and newborns peachicks. It’s very simple to tell the males and female apart. Peacocks will have the brilliant display of colored feathers, while peahens are grey or brown. Peacocks also have eye-spotted tails (trains). These trains are used to attract peahens. In general, peacocks are 35-50 inches plus 5 feet for their tail. They weigh in anywhere from 8.75-13 pounds.

Peafowls are omnivorous having a diet consisting mostly of plants and insects. They spend most of their time on the ground, as they are forest birds.

If you want your own authentic peacock feather, you can find them in the Red River Zoo’s gift shop.


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